A Big Party in 2006

July 19, 2010

This sprawling crowd was gathered to celebrate Tina’s birthday at a big party that lasted several days in 2006.  It was four years ago on a dry, hot Burgundian June day.  The location was a chateau at Domecy-sur-le-Vault in the Burgundian region of France.  Due to popular demand, four years after the event, I have published this excellent and very kool photo on this blog.

Click your mouse on the photo to get a better look at it.  Then click on the identification key to the right of the photo.  By using the numbers you can match the names (below) with the people in the photo.

The people captured in this historical photographic moment are:

1.    Wolf
2.    Hermann
3.    Irene K.
4.    Denis
5.    Janine
6.    Marios
7.    Peter
8.    Lothar
9.    Anna
10.    Olivia
11.    Alfy
12.    Ingred
13.    Marcus
14.    Harry
15.    Connie
16.    Tina
17.    Ken
18.    Uta
19.    Steve
20.    Lolo
21.    Vincent
22.    Dirk
23.    Clements
24.    Michaela
25.    Sonya
26.    Siggy
27.    Elfi
28.    Katie
29.    Franz
30.    Claudia
31.    Mary Jane
32.    Mike
33.    Gabe
34.    Megan
35.    Jeffrey

Not in the photo, but present at the party:

Irene M.
Ana Marie


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