West Seattle bath tub.

Water barrel.

Kids in Columbia River.

Some woman in the sunset - - Bellingham, WA 1977.

Dragon's Teeth. These are continuously changing and melting rocks on the west coast of Maui island in Hawaii.

Rain forest trees with halos.

Ground Leaves in rain forest.

Mountain pond.

This handsome image is sunlight captured by a toxic water containing vessel.

This is my dog. She has great dignity.


Salt of the Earth

September 13, 2010

Salt of the Earth.  Not too salty.  Just salty enough.

We have survived to this point in life.  Drifting along the skid-way of earlier  shoulders of expertise.  We may be around for another 10 or 20 or more years.  But here we are now.

A fine lot we are.  Sitting around drinking our brews and eating our food.  What can one do, but continue to continue.

Yes, tis us…